Wax Paper

There are so many ways to use wax paper. You can use it for everyday cooking and baking, or get creative and use it all around the house. Here are some of our favorites:

Wax paper is a great surface for letting candies cool. They don’t stick!

Prepping Baked Goods
Use wax paper to cut out cookies—and your cookies won’t stick.

Prepare Hamburger Patties
Wax paper is the perfect surface for rolling out hamburger patties. Plus, it’s super easy clean up.

Microwave Cooking
Put wax paper on top of food in the microwave to prevent splatters and messes.

Instant Funnel
Roll a piece of wax paper into a funnel and you’ve got the perfect way to transfer spices and other messy things from jar-to-jar.

Waffle Iron
Place a piece of wax paper in a waffle iron while it heats up to help the waffles release easier.

Clean Cutting Boards
Put three or four layers of wax paper over a cutting board when slicing raw meat. Throw the paper away immediately and you’ll still have a clean board.

Clean Cabinets
Line the top of kitchen cabinets with wax paper to catch dust and grease. Change them once a month to keep them clean.

Cork The Wine
Rub a small bit of wax paper against a cork stopper, and it will be a lot easier to recork the bottle.