Get ready for summer... 

One of the best things about summer is eating and cooking outdoors. Did you know that heavy duty aluminum foil can help make your outdoor cooking and clean up a breeze? Aluminum foil comes in different thicknesses and the thicker, heavy duty foil is perfect for all of your tougher, outdoor jobs. 
Heavy Duty foil can be used to line your grill grate to keep foods from sticking to it. (Be sure to use a fork to make holes in the foil for heat circulation and drainage). It can also be used to keep smaller foods from falling through the grate. 
Foil packet cooking is an easy way to make flavorful, low fat meals on the grill. The foil packet allows the flavors of the food to blend without worrying about anything dripping into the grill. Veggies can also be steamed in foil with a couple of ice cubes to create the steam. Best of all, when you are done cooking, there is no clean up! 
With your grill and heavy duty aluminum foil, you may not even need your kitchen this summer!